I Am Your Servant- Psalm 143:11-12

As we reach the conclusion of David’s prayer for rescue, we now find that David has come full circle. He has gone from seeking deliverance from enemies outside the cave, […]

Lead Me On Level Ground- Psalm 143:10

In this verse we find that David has turned a corner here, that he has now taken his focus off his past mistakes and failures and turns his focus toward […]

I Hide Myself in You- Psalm 143:9

As we continue in our examination of this Psalm, we recall from our previous post that David has come to the end of himself, and come to the one thing […]

Your Unfailing Love- Psalm 143:8

As we come to verse 8 in this Psalm, we reach what can be seen as a turning point, a place in which David begins to turn around, and we […]

My Spirit Fails- Psalm 143:7

We come here, in verse 7, to an example of what happens when someone reaches a level of total desperation, when he sees no way out of his current situation. […]

Past Issues- Psalm 143:5-6

As we continue in our study of Psalm 143, we recall that David reports being harassed by an enemy, that the enemy of his soul has been whispering in his […]

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