Whose Kingdom Are We Building?- Matthew 7:21

As we continue in our examination of the conclusion of Jesus Sermon on the Mount, we find that Jesus now continues on in the theme of recognizing someone by their […]

Another Counselor- John 14:15-17

In this passage, Jesus and His disciples are at the Last Supper. Judas has gone out to betray Jesus, and He is with His true disciples, teaching them many things […]

Darkened Hearts- Romans 1:21-23

In our previous post, we saw how God’s wrath is not just expressed in a future judgment but is expressed here and now in the lives of those who reject […]

Wrath Revealed- Romans 1:18-20

In the first chapter of Romans, Paul tells us of God’s dealings with those who do not believe in and accept Him. He begins here, in verse 18, by telling […]

Pure Spiritual Milk

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