The Surpassing Glory- 2 Corinthians 3:8-11

In our previous post, we examined Paul’s identification of the law as a ministry of death, that the purpose of the law was to show us our flaws and shortcomings, […]

The Spirit Of Your Mind- Ephesians 4:23

In the verse we will examine, Paul tells the Ephesians to be “made new in the attitude of your minds”. The Greek word translated as “attitude” in the NIV is […]

Sins Committed in Ignorance- Hebrews 9:7

In the book of Hebrews, the writer goes to great lengths to relate to his readers exactly how the New Covenant in Jesus is vastly superior in every way to […]

Suppressing the Truth (Part Two)- Romans 1:18-26

In our previous post, we examined Romans 1 and Paul’s contention that “godlessness and wickedness” are expressed in what is known as “suppressing the truth”. We then saw that to […]

Guide Us Into Truth- John 16:7-15

We have been examining the concept of the Holy Spirit as our heavenly advocate, as the one who reminds us of what is right and wrong and works to keep […]

The Spirit Our Advocate- John 14:17-26

In our previous post, we examined Jesus’ use of the term parakletos in reference to the Holy Spirit, how the Spirit would be our advocate on earth, working to remind […]

Pure Spiritual Milk

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