Wrestling With God- Genesis 32:22-30

In this familiar story, we find the account of Jacob “wrestling” with God. This story is often understood as an example of persevering prayer, of Jacob “prevailing” in prayer due […]

You Created My Inmost Being- Psalm 139:13

As we continue in our examination of this Psalm, we now begin the second part of the Psalm. This Psalm divides neatly into two parts, with the second part building […]

When Darkness Becomes As Light- Psalm 139:11-12

As we continue in our examination of Psalm 139, we come to the conclusion of the first part of the Psalm, which is written in two parts. The passage at […]

Your Hand Will Guide Me- Psalm 139:7-10

As we continue in our examination of Psalm 139, we should first of all recall how David began this Psalm, with a recollection of the covenant love of God, with […]

A Biblical Mystery- Psalm 139:4-6

As we continue in our examination of Psalm 139, we now encounter a phenomenon found frequently in the Bible, the recognition of the idea of mystery. When we think of […]

You Know When I Rise- Psalm 139:2

As we continue in our study of Psalm 139, we next encounter an example in which we can the two features of Hebrew poetry, parallelism and imagery working together, and […]

Pure Spiritual Milk

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