The Mystery of the Kingdom- Matthew 13:11-17

In this passage, Jesus has just told his hearers the parable of the sower. After He finishes, His disciples come to Him and ask Him “Why do you speak to […]

I Will Show Myself To The One That Loves Me- John 14:21

We have seen, in a previous post, that to love someone means to do what is in their best interest, that love always seeks the highest good of its object. […]

Who Is Your Master?- Matthew 6:24

In this verse, Jesus concludes His series of related teachings, bringing us to the climax of this teaching and presenting the primary thing He wants His listeners to understand from […]

The Good Eye And The Bad Eye- Matthew 6:22-23

In our previous post, we examined the first of Jesus three teachings here in Matthew 6:19-24. This teaching tells us that our hearts will seek after that which is most […]

Build On The Rock- Matthew 7:24-27

As we come to the conclusion of Jesus Sermon on the Mount, we find that Jesus concludes here with a parable, a story from real life intended to help us […]

I Never Knew You- Matthew 7:22-23

As we continue in our examination of the conclusion to Jesus Sermon on the Mount, we are looking at Jesus warning to those who call Him Lord but do not […]

Pure Spiritual Milk

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