Becoming Saints- Hebrews 10:10

In our previous post, we examined the fact that all believers in Christ are saints, that our new identity in Christ is one of being a saint and no longer being a sinner. As we continue on in verse ten, we now find the means through which we have been made saints, and also the means through which we are becoming saints. We are told here that we have been made holy “through (dia in the Greek) the sacrifice of the body of Jesus Christ”. It is the sacrifice of the body of Jesus Christ which provided the means through which we could be made saints, for this sacrifice dealt with the issue which defined us and identified us as sinners, the sacrifice of His body dealt with our sin. The shedding of His blood (part of His body) atoned for our sin and enabled us to be accepted by God as righteous, which is the topic addressed in the first part of this chapter, in verses 1-4. It is the offering of this body in this particular manner ( the death of the cross) which provides the means through which those who trust in Him can be made “saints”, can be given a new nature and identity. The sacrifice of His body, however, did not provide only the means through which our nature is transformed from sinner to saint, but also through which our behavior can be transformed from sinful to saintly. This takes place as we follow in His footsteps as has been described in verses 5-9, as we offer our bodies as He did, not in terms of the shedding of our blood ( which can do nothing to atone for our sin), but in terms of “digging out our ears”. As we have seen in a previous post, this phrase is a Hebrew figure of speech referring to one who has determined to focus intently and primarily on what is said by a specific other, that Jesus focused intently and primarily on what the Father told Him, with the sole intention of understanding and obeying what has been said. It is as we do so as well that we “become” saints, that we become what we already are. In other words, our change in nature begins to produce a change in behavior, our behavior begins to match our new identity, becomes more saintly and less sinful. This is what is meant by saying we are saints and are becoming saints, as we offer our bodies in obedience to the Father (as Jesus offered His), our behavior begins to line up more and more with our true identity, we become more and more in our actions and words what we are in our true nature. As we understand who we are and whose we are, we become more and more what we are. It is our prayer that all who believe may know and understand that they are saints, would offer their bodies in obedience as Jesus did, and may truly become who and what they really are.

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