Human Desires- 1 Peter 4:2-3

In our previous post, we have seen in, 1 Peter 4:1, how our reconciliation with God makes it possible for us to live with a new attitude, how it enables […]

The Attitude of Reconciliation- 1 Peter 4:1

In our previous post, we saw that our reconciliation to God, made possible by Christ on the cross, makes it possible us to live life as God intends, life united […]

The Fruit of Reconciliation- Romans 5:9-10

In our previous post, we have seen that reconciliation is the restoration of a broken relationship, and refers to the fact that a state of enmity and estrangement has been […]

Reconciled to God- Romans 5:6-12

In this passage in Romans, we learn that one of the things which Jesus Christ accomplished for us is to reconcile us to God. The word reconcile is the Greek […]

Sins Committed in Ignorance- Hebrews 9:7

In Hebrews 9, the author continues on in his overall theme of the letter, which is that the New Covenant in Jesus is in every way superior to the Old […]

A Living Sacrifice- Romans 12:1

In this verse, Paul urges all believers to do something, something he prays all who read this would adhere to. He begins the verse with the word “therefore”, which connects […]

Pure Spiritual Milk

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