An Encounter with Truth (Part One)- Acts 9:1-9

This passage describes the conversion of Saul of Tarsus, in which he is transformed by an encounter with the truth. Saul is “breathing out murderous threats against the Lord’s disciples”. […]

A Lesson in Fruit Bearing (Part Two)- John 15:1-17

In verse 8, Jesus tells us that our bearing fruit is to the “Father’s glory”. What He means by this is the key to understanding this passage as an explanation […]

A Lesson in Fruit Bearing (Part One)- John 15:1-17

Through an illustration about a vine and branches, Jesus here gives a lesson on fruit bearing, telling us both how to bear fruit and what it means to bear fruit. […]

A Prayer of Contrition (Part Three)- Psalm 51

In verse 10, David continues his plea for transformation, then makes mention of what he would like that transformation to produce in his life. He asks God to create in […]

A Prayer of Contrition (Part Two)- Psalm 51

David continues his prayer, in verse 3, by acknowledging his failings and shortcomings, by taking responsibility for his actions. He here recognizes and admits his rebellion and also admits that […]

A Prayer of Contrition (Part One)- Psalm 51

We have examined so far the general principles of prayer, studied Jesus instructions on how we are to pray and seen the basic principles of intercessory prayer. We will now […]

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