When I Awake, I Am Still With You- Psalm 139:17-18

As we continue in our examination of Psalm 139, we have now arrived at the place in which David has run headlong into the mystery of divine sovereignty and human […]

I Will Show Myself To The One That Loves Me- John 14:21

We have seen, in a previous post, that to love someone means to do what is in their best interest, that love always seeks the highest good of its object. […]

God, Why Don’t You Rescue Me?- Psalm 42:6-11

As we continue in our examination of Psalm 42, we will begin with a quick review of the first “section” of this prayer and of what the Psalmist has learned […]

Prepare for Revival- Isaiah 57:14-15

We as churches often hold “revivals”. We realize that God alone can bring revival, that it is not something that can be “scheduled”. We also realize that God desires revival, […]

Wrath Revealed- Romans 1:18-20

In the first chapter of Romans, Paul tells us of God’s dealings with those who do not believe in and accept Him. He begins here, in verse 18, by telling […]

Think on These Things- Philippians 4:7-9

In our previous post, we observed that Paul commanded the church (in Philippians 4:4-6) to be joyful and gentle, rather than being anxious, and we saw that his prescribed method […]

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